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War on terror

Since 2001 the so called „war on terror“ exists - 14 years ago, when there where around one hundred terrorists hidden in the Hind Kush.

Today the number is in the thousands. This week "Anonymus" took down more than 6000 twitter accounts with IS supporting contents.
How come? I guess the reason is that the answer of the west has been nothing different than the actions of the terrorists -
throwing bombs and not only taking the risk but actually killing lots of innocents. There are no definite numbers but I fear the "west" is way ahead.
Which is what’s giving the hatred of the islamists a great foundation.
The answer so far has been war and it has fueled the epidemic.
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20.11.15 11:02


Opinions and truth

What do I actually know? I know that I can't be sure of knowing anything.

Problem is: seems I am very alone feeling this way. Most of the people only know a fraction of the big picture but are very fast at having a steady opinion.

I guess that's the main problem of our time, maybe of humanity in general.

People are way too sure, way too early.

Also the validity of the content of a statement does not depend on the author.

The only thing that does depend on the author is if he really means it.

Don't take sides. Wonder!



19.11.15 16:21

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